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Exactly how we fuck or get fucked is a matter of personal choice, although we usually have a favoured position derived from five basic positions:

  • Lying on the stomach with the other lying (partially / fully) on top.
  • On the knees (doggy style), bent forward, with the other kneeling behind.
  • Lying on your back with legs raised either side of the other or resting on his shoulders.
  • Both lying on your side one behind the other.
  • Sitting on top (and/or slightly raised) of the other guy who is lying on his back.

Sitting astride your partner who's lying beneath you allows greater control, while other positions can make the person getting fucked more vulnerable. You can always change later. Make sure condoms and lube are to hand unless you have talked through the issues and taken the decision not to use them.

  • To help relax you and your arse, ask your partner to lubricate his finger and gently massage the entrance to your arse. When you're ready, say so - he can then slide a finger into the arse hole and massage the anal canal, eventually putting two fingers inside.
  • Sit astride your partner placing his cock against the entrance of your arsehole. At this point, he should do nothing more than nuzzle or rub the opening gently. Stay in this position until you feel suitably relaxed.
  • Ideally lower yourself on to his cock, drawing it into the anal canal. This can be made easier by pushing down as if you are opening your arse to shit. It may not sound it, but this can be very horny for both of you.
  • The anal canal can stretch greatly but will contract automatically when pain occurs. This will happen if he enters too quickly and it's said that a considerate partner can be gauged by the care he takes when entering someone. If you encounter any pain or discomfort, lift yourself off completely, catch your breath and decide whether you want to try again.
  • Once he's inside you, ask him to lie still until you get used to the feeling of his cock inside you. You may to wish to tighten your bottom sphincter muscle around it. This can be an intense sensation for both of you. He may lose his erection - this is quite natural. Take time to help him get up some steam again.
  • You'll probably begin with slow movements. If you want him to do the work, you may need to raise yourself slightly to give him enough room to move his cock in and out of your arse.
  • At this point, the cock will be stimulating the anal canal which is touch-sensitive, and the rectum which can sense movement. Depending on the depth and angle of the thrusts your partner will be able to stimulate your prostate gland on the other side of the rectum wall.
  • The thrusts will usually become deeper and faster but they don't need to. Develop your own rhythm and communicate to each other what you want.
  • Combined with what's already going on in your anal canal and rectum, stimulating the prostate gland may encourage you to cum. This may be exactly what you want but you may also find that you cum too quickly.
  • Remember you can take a break or stop at any time.
  • Longer cocks will sometimes knock into the top sphincter muscle causing some discomfort or pain. Relaxing the top sphincter muscle will allow the cock to pass through into the bottom part of the sigmoid colon.
  • If you're being fucked on your back, the cock can knock against some of the nerves around the bottom of the spinal cord, which again can cause discomfort to the person being fucked. Similarly, if the cock knocks into the prostate gland, the same will happen.
  • Not everybody who fucks has to cum to enjoy them selves.
  • If you're getting fucked, your erection may come and go. This is quite natural.
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