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Going out on your first date with a guy or meeting a guy for the first time can be a bit of a nerve racking experience, especially if your one of those shy guys.

Here is short list of the things used in order to get over shyness, meet interesting guys and have a "successful first date". The important thing is to get out there and start meeting guys; start making friends and get off the couch or out of your bedroom.

Tips for Successful Dates

1. Have confidence in yourself, your abilities and that the date will go well. Guys are attracted to guys who have or exude confidence. Confidence is about knowing who you are, what you want and knowing that you'll get it.

2. Don't think of it as a date, think of it as meeting someone interesting, for lunch, dinner, drinks, coffee, or whatever it is you plan to do. By throwing away the "date" label you can get down to just having a pleasant outing with the guy with no "date expectations".

3. Relax and just be you. Trying to conjure up some sort of false persona is pointless, you might impress yourself for a second or two and maybe even the other guy for a moment; until he figures out its all hype or "bull". It's OK to be you and if the other guy isn't interested in you it's no big deal, because there's thousands and thousands of gay men out there.

4. Arrive a little bit early. It would be a helpful habit if you are feeling a bit nervous or shy too. When you're going out to a restaurant or a coffee shop, if you arrive a bit early you can go to the washroom without deserting your date, compose yourself, fix your hair, wash those sweaty palms and relieve yourself if necessary.

5. Dress for the occasion and location. You don't need to look like a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy makeover, but if you dress nicely and appropriately for the occasion and the location, you'll not only look great, you'll feel great. You'll be confident that you're in the right attire for wherever it is you're going out to.

And now, the ultimate not-so-secret dating tip for shy guys...

6. Wear your "power underwear" when you go out on a date, especially your first date. If you don't have a pair of "power underwear", get some. The idea is to get something that makes you feel incredibly powerful and sexy.

Thongs in purple, red or black, fit the bill for "the power underwear". They allow you to feel and be powerful, sexy, flirty, and confident; all the things you need on a date. It doesn't matter if you don't end up in the sack or on the floor later on in the evening. Power underwear is something that can give the shy guy that extra little edge.

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