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Recent AshleyMadison Debacle Shows Privacy Really Is Important


Online Dating has become the most popular way for men (and women) to find new romantic interests. Whether you are looking to find sex in a no strings attached encounter or a deeper more meaningful romance with someone you hope is your soul mate, there are now plenty of sites online to help you find the person you are looking for right now. What really sets the best ones apart from the rest is the level of care and security they put into protecting your privacy.

While some sites like AshleyMadison have caused a lot of trepidation among novices, the much more savvy crowd of gay dating enthusiasts is already aware that choosing the right gay dating sites to join is all it takes to find a mate without exposing yourself to awkward privacy breaches.

“For us it’s been a terrific bonus actually,” said Devin Winters of “We always put paramount importance on maintaining the highest level of community security and we have one of the most extensive privacy policies ever devised for the gay dating world online. That’s also a big part of the reason we allow new free dating members to create their accounts with their own Facebook IDs or to create one with a new email of their choice.”

Facebook account ID logins mean you never even pass personal information to the dating site, and integrating Facebook assures you that the dating site has done it’s fair share of due diligence to protect your privacy. Of course, there are some who prefer to keep their Facebook profile and their Dating profile completely separate for obvious reasons, so allowing you to create a new email account with Gmail or Yahoo or whoever and use that to start off your free dating experience is also a great option to have.

As a starting point, you should also be aware that what you put in your dating profile could in fact be made public. Even the most secure dating sites can still have someone on them who access your profile and takes screenshots from it to post elsewhere – so we aren’t claiming any dating site is absolutely air-tight 100% private, that’s the nature of sharing information with potential dates online and isn’t ever going to change. However, that being said, there are sites out there that do little or nothing to keep your privacy safe… and then there are sites like that go as far out of their way as anyone to make sure your time online is spent enjoying the company of hot gay men in your local area right now, rather than fretting over who might have seen or disclosed what exactly.

Creating a profile at most dating sites is absolutely free, so our best advice is to create your own profile and really look around before choosing the dating platform that fits your own sense of style best. Whether it’s at All Male or elsewhere, we wish you the best of luck finding Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now to satisfy the dating desires you have and hope you’ll become one of the millions of responsible, caring and sharing gay men who are online making the world a better place, one date at a time!